Together We Are Unstoppable - Dawn Barton

Let’s be honest here, Direct Sales (or Network Marketing) gets a bad rap. It can evoke a “talk to the hand” palm in your face so fast that any newbie to the direct sales world can find herself derailed before she can even say “Have you tried this amaz—”

But the truth is, during my ten years of being a part of direct sales, I grew more spiritually, entrepreneurially and socially than in any other time in my life. I loved it.

Chances are if you’re getting a negative (or politely indifferent) reaction from a friend about your marvelous new business, she’s probably had a few not-so-great run-ins with Direct Sales in the past. Perhaps she was once accosted by an overzealous woman in the Target aisle, or maybe her social media has been hijacked by never-ending posts of weight loss promises, anti-aging before and afters and super energy shakes.

Or maybe, just maybe, she tried Direct Sales once and didn’t like her experience because her coach or recruiter was guiding her in all the wrong ways.

Unfortunately, a lot of these happen to a lot of women, so just remember, she isn’t giving YOU the negative reaction — she is just tapping into her own bad memories and assuming you’re about to hit her with the same stuff. But you won’t. I’m not going to let you.

It’s time to take away any of the negative assumptions people have about Direct Sales; it’s time to share and build our businesses the right way. We want people to want to come to us, not run from us.

This starts by looking at the way we present our products to the world. I don’t know anyone who wants to be “sold to,” bombarded with posts, hounded for an appointment or drowned by product information overload. We want connection, honesty and for someone to be authentic with us; we love excellent customer service and we love supporting other women.  

I’ve been out of direct sales for six months now, but if I started back in any company, I know exactly how I would do it — because, no matter the company, the basics stay the same. You can take any successful person in one Direct Sales company and move them over to another, and they could do it all again, only a lot easier this time.

Side note: you have to be passionate about your products, so maybe not ANY company. I probably couldn’t jump into a Direct Sales company for fitness machines and make any money. There’s just not much passion there.  

So, my friends, here’s what I’m about to do:

In a humble attempt to transform people’s attitudes and thoughts about the world of direct selling and network marketing, I’m launching a whole new series on Direct Selling. I want to share all of what I learned that gave me the best results and the biggest growth.

Every month started with one simple sheet: I called it a focus sheet. This one sheet is quite literally the foundation of my million dollar business. And now, I hope it will be the foundation of yours.   

Starting Monday, August 13th, I’m launching a fun and free challenge to share all about the Unstoppable Focus Sheet. You’ll learn key elements that set up your month for success. I’ll talk about goal setting and tracking; I’ll clearly define who you want to build your business with; I’ll cover the hows and whys of accountability; and I’ll teach you how to stay motivated.  

And…you’ll be added to a private Facebook group where we will share ideas and support one another. There, you’ll receive more free downloadable trackers and I’ll be doing lots of GIVEAWAYS!

Direct Sales can be a little bit like the church. Sometimes we find that perfect church home that fosters connection, fills our spiritual cup and stretches our faith to be deeper than we ever thought possible. Sometimes it’s a raggedy-looking guy on the side of the street waving a huge sign that says “The devil is real and Jesus saves lives.” Same message, but one just has a much better delivery. I’m going to help you with that delivery.   

I once had a friend tell me, “You know what your problem is?” (Might I suggest NEVER leading a conversation this way?) “You think every single person should be in direct sales.”  

The truth is, she was right; I did, and I still do. I believe every woman should try it, maybe not for a lifetime but for a season. The opportunities for growth through Direct Sales are second to none, but entering into the right company for you — under the right people and starting the right way — is critical.

To sign up for the free Unstoppable Focus Challenge, just click here and then I’ll send you an email to join our private group.  


Together we are UNSTOPPABLE!