The question you really need to ask yourself:

Will you sit on the sidelines or will the next season of life be your

Right now, we are the best we’ve ever been. We are a new generation of women, and we can define what the second half of our lives will be. We know more, we've done more, we've lost and loved more. Our "midlife" is not the beginning of the end; it's a pivot point. It's a season, a change, and a powerful awakening.

This is our time to rediscover our passions, to truly pursue our dreams, to not just expect a ripple effect from our actions, but to make a tidal wave with them.

best years yet!

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Middle-aged and stuck in the what-now mud? Dawn Barton wants to talk to you.

When we hit forty, “fiddy,” and beyond, we ask, Is this it? Did I do what I wanted to do in my life? Who am I now that my skin is my sagging—and will it eventually hang all the way down to my feet?

We assume our most exhilarating and meaningful moments are behind us. But what if they are still to come?

God doesn’t bring us to midlife so we can sit back and binge-watch home makeover shows. We are His gift to the world at every age, in every season. True, we’re dealing with chin hairs and sparse eyebrows, but we’re actually the best we’ve ever been. We know more, we’ve done more, we’ve lost and loved more. We have the makings of warrior women.

The world needs your ideas, your tenacity, your spark—your “second-half mission.” So rise up with a battle cry about what you want to put back into the world! God isn’t done with you yet.

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"Dawn is so real and raw, it was so refreshing! Just by being herself and sharing her story, I felt relieved in many areas that I tend to put pressure and expectations on myself. I was very encouraged!"

Alie Hinrichs

"Hearing Dawn speak was a breath of fresh air, she was so real and relatable! I was laughing out loud the one minute and reflecting on the importance of choosing joy the next minute. I can’t wait to read her book for more fun and inspiration."

Hannah Szymanik

"I was able to relate so much with Dawn it made me realize how much God loves us and walks through every situation with us. It was a pure joy to hear speak!"

Tabitha Highfill

"Dawn is like your best friend, she’s funny, real and her story is about heartbreak, survival and God’s faithfulness. She was amazing!"

Tabitha Highfill