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Dawn is passionate about empowering women to embrace their Mid-Life years, obstacles give us reasons to embrace joy, and the little things we do to love ourselves matter.

I realized I was a speaker by accident. I was attending a sales conference for work, and the scheduled speaker for one of our sessions suddenly fell ill. In what I can only imagine was a moment of delirious panic, somebody asked me to step in. I think they’d heard me tell a joke once and figured I could hold people’s attention (admittedly, I do deliver jokes quite well).

So, I stepped in and winged it. I couldn’t tell you what I said, though I remember it was honest and passionate. And I’m pretty sure it was funny because, well, I think I’m kind of funny. That’s how I realized those components — honesty, passion, and humor—make for the most engaging, meaningful, memorable talks.

Since then, I have spoken to audiences ranging from 20 to 10,000 people.


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Motivating Women


Joy and Faith

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Thriving through Cancer


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"Dawn is so real and raw, it was so refreshing! Just by being herself and sharing her story, I felt relieved in many areas that I tend to put pressure and expectations on myself. I was very encouraged!"

Alie Hinrichs

"Hearing Dawn speak was a breath of fresh air, she was so real and relatable! I was laughing out loud the one minute and reflecting on the importance of choosing joy the next minute. I can’t wait to read her book for more fun and inspiration."

Hannah Szymanik

"I was able to relate so much with Dawn it made me realize how much God loves us and walks through every situation with us. It was a pure joy to hear speak!"

Tabitha Highfill

"Dawn is like your best friend, she’s funny, real and her story is about heartbreak, survival and God’s faithfulness. She was amazing!"

Tabitha Highfill

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Women are capable of such extraordinary lives, and yet too many settle for mediocrity because they don’t tap into their potential. My message of empowerment has been honed by working with hundreds of women, helping them to identify their own ideas of success and to make the life changes needed to achieve it.


I love to share my personal story behind Unstoppable Joy. My journey has been anything but easy; I have endured the loss of a child, rape, cancer, an alcoholic husband, but through it all, I have discovered the life-changing power of leaning on God and purposefully embracing joy.



I not only survived Stage 3 breast cancer, I learned to find joy in it. My message recognizes the dark depths that treatment takes us into, but focuses on the importance of faith, humor, and joy in getting through it.

Former top ten leader in a direct sales company, I have extensive experience in high-impact leadership to increase sales and overall business growth by creating a thriving culture

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