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Remember Meryl Streep cheering at the 2015 Oscars? She’s pointing and mouthing an impassioned “YES!” That pretty much sums up my audiences.

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Well, I wasn’t a writer and I didn’t think I’d ever be a writer and then … would you look at that? Turns out I am a writer. Soon you can even read my book.

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Do you feel stuck? Stalled out professionally or personally, in your career or in your relationships, by tragedy or by ennui? Let’s get you moving again.

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3 Steps to Master to Make Every Day Unstoppable

a Rafflecopter giveaway You are Unstoppable! Sounds great doesn’t it? Nothing gets in your way, you can do it all, you are mightier than any superhero on their best day because you my friend are Unstoppable. Or are you? Unstoppable is relative....

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Together We Are Unstoppable

Let’s be honest here, Direct Sales (or Network Marketing) gets a bad rap. It can evoke a “talk to the hand” palm in your face so fast that any newbie to the direct sales world can find herself derailed before she can even say “Have you tried this amaz—” But the truth...

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10 Things I Learned at the Making Things Happen Conference

By my count, I have attended about 478 million leadership or motivational conferences in my lifetime. I am a conference aficionado, and I love a good “conference high.” In January 2018, I signed up to attend the Making Things Happen Conference in Chapel Hill, NC. I...

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