It’s no secret that I’m not much of a reader, mostly because I have a gnat’s attention span. But lately, I have been turned onto, and loving, Audiobooks. The great thing about them is you still get to say, “I read a book,” and you look like one of those fantastically cerebral voracious readers, like me.

I can easily listen to a book a week, and I love it. I love to share what I am reading and talk about it, but I have some bad news for some of you, I never read fiction. I tried to “read” “Where the Crawdads Sing” because everyone is raving about it, and I just couldn’t. So you’re stuck with my little non-fiction list, but it’s GOOD! 

Here are some of my favorites right now.

Laughing Through the Ugly Cry by Dawn Barton (you didn’t think I’d leave my own book off did you?)


ON FIRE By John O’Leary


On Fire was INCREDIBLE is a big shift in thinking for overcoming the impossible odds. He held my attention all the way through! So good!




Brittany is actually a dear friend and in all honesty, I bought the book to simply support her. Then I got it and it is FANTASTIC! Full of incredible celebration ideas for Birthdays to Book Clubs! I was so impressed and will actually USE IT!


By Vanessa Van Edwards


If you have ever uttered the words, I just don’t know how to meet new people or connect or really cultivate relationships, THIS IS FOR YOU. Shes a RIOT and SO GOOD. This is not an area I struggle but I am always looking to learn more and fine-tune my “people skills.” She is BRILLIANT!


By Kendra Adachi


I actaull JUST STARTED this one and it’s fabulous. Easy read, fun, and a new fantastic way of thinking. All of my favorite things.


By Carlos Whitaker
(Kill the Spider by the same author was great too)


Both of His books have been life shifting for me. I mean, sitting down, hands over my eyes crying like a baby because his words touched me so deeply. My faith has grown in reading both of his books.


I hope you love them as much as I have!