Hi Sweet Friend!

What happens when you take a driven, goal-oriented woman and keep her home for months before a book tour? I’ll tell you. She gets REALLY bored and begins to fill goal-achieving voids with Christmas decor and overthinking about the things that make her feel joyful.

I’m here to share my list of deliciously fantastic loves with you! However, when I was putting this list together I got so excited that my list grew and grew and grew and grew. Now, this one list has become four emails for this week, each with different categories of items! If you’re not on my email list, make sure to send your email my way! You won’t want to miss out, TRUST ME!

You’ll have them all before Black Friday, and hopefully, you can find great deals on them!

None of these items are sponsored; they are simply the things I LOVE, and I want to share them with you. AND because I love you so much, I’m giving away several items on the list each day!

XOXO – Dawn

What makes something JOYFULICIOUS?  For me, it’s something that makes my days start with a little extra joy, and if I take these things out of my days, sadness and depression are sure to ensue. Here are a few of my daily loves (of course, Jesus is first, and we both know that’s all you need, this is just a little icing on the cake).

1. Echo Show – I bought this on a fluke on Prime Day. I didn’t know how much I needed it until I got it! 

2. Ember Coffee Mug – or the mug Jesus made and sent down to the people to remind them of how good things are in heaven. Worth every single penny! 

3. Tyler Candle and Tyler Detergent  People always rave about the smell of our home and laundry, weird but true. Tyler is my secret. Now you know. 

4. Fezzo’s Cajun Seasoning – I am from originally from Rayne, LA and real, authentic, seasoning is everything. I think Craig would put this on ice cream if he had a chance. 

5. Shhhower Cap  – All I can say to this one is…you’re welcome. 

6. Write the Word Journal – Couldn’t start my days without it. One of my favorite gifts to give too!

7. Pottery Barn Fur Blankets Perfect weight, perfect softness, life-changing. 

DAY TWO of my favorite things includes all of my BEAUTYLICIOUS LOVES! Face, hair, clothes, and shoes, oh my. This is so hard to narrow down, I have so many beautylicious loves. 

For part of my BEAUTYLICIOUS giveaway my sweet Mary Kay friends, KaliWendyBridget, and Casie are giving away FOUR SETS of the Mary Kay bundle! I’m giving away the Baby Foot Foot Peels, Lou & Grey gift cards, Birdies gift cards, and the Sexy Mother Plumper Lip Gloss.   

These days I seem to be in yoga wear that doesn’t go to yoga and rainboots more than anything else. I’m at an age where I want my clothes to fit well and LAST. I want products that make me look younger, shoes that feel good all day and still look good. Here are my loves: 

1. Lou & Grey  the softest, yummiest line of clothes I’ve ever worn. Even Ella, my 13-year-old has begged for items from them. Like Buttah! 

2 Grande Lash  I’ve tried ALL the big lines, yes, even that one, and Grande lash puts them all to shame. Trust me. It helps your lashes grow long, full and even come back in those corners!

3. Julie Vos – this is a newer love for me, but the line is so gorgeous and I love the pieces I have. 

4. Birdies – slippers that you can wear anywhere, need I say more. I wear them everywhere and they make me happy!

5. No Mo-Stash – I think my face could grow a full mustache and beard these days, so I LOVE these and they work!

6. Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel – the coolest thing you’ll ever do with your feet. Seriously makes your feet baby soft and it’s so cool and weird – way better than any pedicure can do. Trust me, I have the feet of a Hobbit.

7. Mary Kay Must-Have Set – You must have these if you are traveling or want a glowing face before any event. I’m giving the new eye pads to everyone I know. Special Thanks to Kali Brigham, Casie HembreeWendy Presley and Bridget Shaw for providing the MK giveaways! Click their names to shop with them and spend thousands so that they have to grovel to me for bringing them so much business!  

8. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Curl Machine if my hair is curled then know I have used this! I’ve had it for three years and I love it. Curls last till I wash them. 

9. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss I’m getting old and getting wrinkles in my lips. I LOVE a good lip plumping gloss. My sister Jodie turned me on to the line and I love it. Inexpensive too! 

9. Cabi Clothing – 90% of my closet is Cabi. They are my favorite line of clothes because they know how to fit women with curves that have been highly blessed in the arm area. Their jeans are my favorite. Excellent quality.

Just in time for Black Friday I have put together my GIFTALICIOUS favorites. All of my favorite gifts to give, BUT what’s so special about this list is that I know the women behind almost all of them. (I don’t know the collar, Tile or Wine people). These women are the “real deal,” and it’s a joy to buy from them.

Take a moment to look at the women behind these companies, their families, their kids, their dogs, and know that you bless their lives when you purchase from them. 

Some of the best gifts to give and it’s even sweeter that the women behind these brands are so amazing too 

1. If It Barks – I got so tired of hearing dog tags clanking, the information is all on the clasp! I designed matching ones for all the dogs.

2.  Tile – I forget where I put EVERYTHING because my brain is turning to mush. We have used these for years and Craig uses them even more than I do.

3. When Less Becomes More by Emily Ley I had the honor of listening to this as she was writing it. I think women desperately need this book right now. It’s what I’m giving to my mama friends in their 20’s and 30’s this year.  

4. Happy Hand Lettering by Maghon Taylor– what is so neat about this book is that the story inside is beautiful in addition to learning how to write in a VERY happy way! Giving this to two of Ella’s friends, I think all teen girls need this story. I love everything Maghon does.

5. Letter Jess One of the sweetest gifts ever. A crest that was done by Jessica Hughes for our property. The horses are Royal and Lucy, the foliage is what we have too. She sent us the image and we can use it on stationery and even a sign! I think that this is also a perfect gift for newlyweds.

6. Because of Zoe – finally something a little different in bows with beautiful fabrics and best of all, I love the subscription she does. I did one for my godchild and she gets a new bow or headband each moth. Shunta’s company was built out of a leap of faith, you have to read her story.

7. Sweet As Honey Cards– One of my FAVORITE gifts I’ve ever received in my life. Scripture cards with my name in them!   

8. Write the Words for Kids – my granddaughters carry these everywhere. I bought them last year and they were a huge hit! More coming this year for them.

9. The Wine Condom – I feel a little guilty putting this right after a scripture journal for kids. If you are a wine lover or know one, such a funny and cool gift. It protects your wine!  

I hope my lists and giveaways have blessed you all this week and given you some good ideas for this holiday season! I thank you all for being a part of this fun list-giving! THANK YOU for sharing me to your friends and family as it will be a HUGE blessing win the book is released!

I love you THIIIIIIIISSSS BIG! (my arms are out as wide as humanly possible)