The Mom Blog - Dawn Barton
This one is for all the moms of the world: the new ones, the seasoned ones and the ones teaching the rest of us how to do it — I salute you! This Sunday is your day, Mother’s Day,   the day the world slows down just a little to acknowledge all of the crazy, amazing, awesome things you do every single day.
Yep, just one. One day. That’s all you get. So let’s make this one good.  
This is my high-five, my atta girl, my champagne toast to you in whatever season you may be. You are magnificent.
The Newborn Mamas You’re the exhausted, sleep-deprived mamas, the just barely holding it together mamas, and you’re going to be great. God hand picked you, from all of the women in the world, to be your child’s mom. You are the perfect person for that baby and the two of you are going to be great. One day soon you will shower again. There will even be a day that you actually sleep more than four hours in a row and, believe it or not, you will look back and remember this as one of the sweetest seasons of your life. We are cheering you on from this side. You got this.
The Toddler Mamas Your babies have grown, they’re moving and into everything. Who knew a human so little could move so much and so fast, and that every object around in your life was a choking hazard?  It’s new territory, and it’s fast. It’s busy and crazy, you’re losing yourself a little and wondering why you even need to wear a stupid bra (you do, put it on). You’re missing time with friends, your husband and in desperate need for adult conversation. It’s a new normal and can be a little hard to figure out, but guess what? You’re doing great. Give yourself some grace and take some time for you, you’ll be a better mom for it. Tip: Eating a little dirt never hurt any kid, nor did eating dog poop. Don’t ask me why I know this.   

I was a baby raising a baby, Makenzie and I doing big hair in the 90’s

The First School Year Mamas Your life has been caring for your baby and now they’re off to school. How is it possible, how did it go so fast? It’s your baby, should these teachers be trusted with the most perfect child on the planet? You cry, a lot, and then you celebrate a little too.  You’ve entered into a new world of mom pressures and I am here to tell you: you DO NOT have to make the cookies yourself. You can buy them! They eat them either way.
The Grade School Years Mamas You’re killin’ it lady!  Look how far you have come. They’re in school, growing and learning more every day. You’ve figured out it’s ok to not be the room mom if you don’t want to and that they really can do their own homework (no seriously, they can,). You’re finding your own groove again and starting to remember that there are foods other than mac and cheese (although there does not NEED to be, it is a perfect food) that you might enjoy eating. Embrace YOU again. This is your time, and you are an amazing mom.
The Teenage Years Mamas No, you have not messed up. They are messed up. They are mean, rude, moody and they are supposed to dislike you. This is because during their teenage years they are captured by aliens, taken to another planet and returned around 19-20 years of age. All parents feel like failures in this season and no one talks about it. You just keep loving them, they will be back. You are still a great mom even though they are crazy.
The Empty Nester Mama You are vacillating between sadness that your baby is gone and celebration that you DID IT. You raised a HUMAN, you are amazing, and you and I both know it wasn’t easy. They may be out of your house but they still seem to be draining you dry financially. It’s ok mama, that’s all part of it. You did it and we are all so proud of you.  
The Grandmamas Thank you, you led the way for us. You loved us and taught us and poured your sweet wisdom into us. You love our children and spoil them rotten, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. You are perfect and wonderful and life wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you for loving us in times when we didn’t deserve it and thank you for being there now.
The Marlene — Most of all, I want to wish my mom, Marlene, a Happy Mother’s Day. God knew what Kim and I would need in a mom and he created you. Thank you for always being the exact perfect mom for me and Kim. We love you with all of our hearts.
Moms, we thank you, we love you and we sure need you, no matter how old we are. Thank you for giving up your boobies, your time, your energy, your money, your sex appeal, your brains…your lives. Thank you moms, for all of it.