Testimonials - Dawn Barton

I was so blessed by the amazing, heartfelt speech you gave. It was confirmation for me that we may get knocked down, but not knocked out, obstacles will come but we must not let them distract us, or cause us to lose our focus! You inspire me to press on no matter what comes up.

Sandra V.

Hi Dawn! I wanted to tell you how much you touched my heart! This was my first conference and listening to you speak was so motivational and heartwarming!!! It’s listening to amazing women like you that give women like me the courage and drive to be more that we think we can be! You are so strong and it was just amazing to listen to you!

Erin P.

Dawn is one of the best speakers I have brought in. Her speech was powerful but she went above and beyond to connect with the women that attended when she wasn’t speaking. We loved her speech and her classes- the attendees raved about her training on recruiting for weeks.

Renee L.