Writer - Dawn Barton

You know how you just clicked the tab labeled “writer”? I’m still a little uneasy with that title. I’ve never been a writer, and I’m completely inexperienced in this new world. But God told me to write a book (oh yes, He really did) and I’m doing it.

I fully acknowledge that telling the world that God told me to write a book gives me a first class ticket on the crazy train, but, the reality is, that’s exactly what happened. I had a dream, and God told me to take a leap of faith and write a book called Unstoppable Joy. I listened, and four months later I was walking away from a successful career and a very comfy paycheck to become a writer.

While I’m still a literary novice, I have found a love for putting words on to a page and sharing a story through those words. The chapters of my first book are finished with outlines for my second and third books. Today, I can’t imagine not writing. I dream of writing many books, books about finding joy and faith, books empowering women to be their best selves; through them all, I hope to make people laugh a little.

I’ve been sharing this fabulous journey with the world through social media and my blogs, and I hope you will come along with me now. Let’s learn together what on earth it looks like to take a giant leap of faith into the unknown.